CH Sandon N' Oakhill Fiesta Flirt (Fiesta) winning Best of Breed at the
1994 Sarasota Floating Specialty

Chelsea Blue Bedlingtons  

HolyLamb Bedlingtons      

Stony Lake Bedlingtons     

Sangeo Bedlingtons          

Kaylynn Kennels               

Blue Star Bedlingtons

Kennel Symretoppen

Isotops Bedlingtons

The Bedlington Terriers Footbal Club, UK

Paws for Applause


Romaine's Stained Glass
Meredith Rambo creations


For more information on the Bedlington Terrier, please visit our national club website.


The 75th Anniversary Specialty Logo Shown Below is still available on the following items:

  • T-shirts - maroon, black, pink, purple, gray, turquoise
  • Coasters
  • Cookie Jars
  • Mugs

Additional logo items from past specialties are also available as well as stained glass Bedlington items.

If interested, visit the BTCA Marketplace or contact us to purchase.

Join Oakhill Sandon With or Without You (Bono) and help make poverty history.

Bono is loved and owned by Steve Bott and Al Martinez